Our solutions

The chance to survive belongs not to the paid solutions, but for those that users no longer can work without. Below we give some examples of our solutions.

Zero Q
Zero Q system allows:
Scan and save a snapshot of a client's passport or driver's license.
Recognize and automatically input document data into your information system. System can recognize documents of any country.
CONQUM – Construction Quality Management
Online quality management system for construction. The system provides a convenient interface for quality control of construction works, the possibility of exchanging technical information between specialists, viewing the status of various stages and much more. For the convenience of work on the construction site, an application for mobile devices on the Android OS
Solutions for copy shops
In Israel, from 2 to 4% of the cost of construction work is a printout of technical and design documentation, which is performed in specialized copy centers. All kinds of work, starting from online orders and ending with the delivery of completed work. And yes, just to notice: all accounting tasks are also solved by our systems. For more information, see copier.co.il.
Mobile applications
"The most popular paid programs for learning Hebrew are our developments: IRIS - Hebrew dictionary and Hebrew verbs. Also very popular application developed for the company Dr. Nona International. The total number of downloads of our applications exceeds 100,000."
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