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Highly professional personnel of the company have vast experience and diversified specialization providing the client with a full spectrum of development, programming, and design services.

  • Developing and implementing integrated information systems. Computer-aided design systems, computerized office systems, network geographic information systems (electronic region map with a data base available on the map itself), management of complicated technological complexes, etc. Development and implementation of any kind of integrated information system always involves some kind of business process reengineering in the company. Our specialists provide training for the client's specialists, instruct in integrated information system operation, develop new technologic processes of data processing within the organization, draw manuals, design new standard and regulation basis.

  • Business management application development. Many companies believe that their accounting is no longer an issue. Nevertheless, today accounting software simply does not suffice, and purchase of complex (and usually quite expensive) document management systems is not always feasible. We provide solutions for cases, when company management tasks optimization requires implementation of unique algorithms and original solutions tailored for the specific business.

  • Development of WEB-applications.Complete or partial relocation of the business management system to the global Internet network is a reality dictated process. Frequently this might be the sole way to ensure the integrity and clarity of the management.

  • Network management: re-engineering and modernization of the corporate network, as well as creating a new network or administration of an existing one, including development and implementation of distributed systems.

  • Promoting the client's ideas on the Internet. Internet advertising is one of the least cost-consuming types of advertising, and at the same time it is frequently the most efficient and fitting.

  • Development of multimedia presentations. Corporate style is not only elegant business cards and stationary. It is much more. If in the old days a man was judged by his suit, now the suit is replaced by a multimedia presentation that can be recorded on a mini-CD (the size of a business card).
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